Zareef Safdar

I am a Master of Visual Computing student at Simon Fraser University, mainly interested in Visual Computing, Game Development, Simulation, and Robotics. I am also currently working as a Computer Vision Research Assistant at Professor Jianbo Jiao's lab at the University of Birmingham, working on dataset generation using Unreal Engine.

My most recent role was at Ford Motor Company as an Autonomous Vehicles Simulation Software Engineer Intern. My other previous work experiences can be found below.

I am currently seeking Machine Learning, Game Development or Visual Computing related co-op and internship opportunities in Canada for the next summer, from May to August 2024.

My skills include - C/C++, C#, Python, Unreal Engine, PyTorch, Unity3D, Computer Vision.

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These are the projects that I have worked on, during my work experiences, coursework and also personal time. They are mostly related to Game Development, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.

ford_shuttle Reproducing Lens Distortion in Simulation
Zareef Safdar
Software Engineer Internship, Ford Motor Company

Implemented a lens distortion model using C++ and Unreal Engine 4 Material Logic with the camera in the existing codebase to improve realism of the Autonomous Vehicle simulator RGB image output.

ar ar Pokemon Go Clone (A2GO)
Jonathan Lin, Zareef Safdar
Class Project, EECS 498 - Extended Reality (AR/VR)

Made a Pokemon Go Clone called A2GO, where you can walk around Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States and plant trees and feed squirrel in AR. Built using Unity3D. See a preview here here!

zelda Recreation of the Original Legend of Zelda
Nameer Hirschkind, Zareef Safdar
Class project, EECS 494 - Game Development Capstone Course
Mac Build / Windows Build

This is a recreation of the dungeon level of the original Legend of Zelda game for the NES with the original mechanics, but with also a new exciting level - where Link can fly!

to_the_sea to_the_sea To The Sea (Video Game)
Adeel Nordin, Emily Kline, Nameer Hirschkind, Taylor Snyder, Zareef Safdar
Class project, EECS 494 - Game Development Capstone Course
Game Trailer

This is 3D physics based simulation game. Take control of a melting glacier racing down a mountain on its quest to get to the sea! With the power of the mighty river you are creating on your way down, restore the balance of the world by reviving your plant allies, destroying polluting buildings, and revitalizing what is left of the land for nature.

Part of my main contributions were creating the shader graph in Unity for the river graphics, creating a custom trail renderer component for rendering the river path as it flows.

depthmap DenseDepth Paper Reimplementation
David Wang, Yatharth Chhabra, Zareef Safdar
Class Final Project, EECS 442 - Computer Vision

Reimplemented the DenseDepth paper by Ibraheem Alhashim and Peter Wonka using PyTorch and implemented different loss functions to train the model using a low-performance GPU.

gta GTA 5 Vehicle Classification
Zareef Safdar
Class Final Project, ROB 535 - Self Driving Cars: Perception and Control

Trained multiple image classification models,like AlexNet and ResNet, to detect and identify different vehicle classes from a dataset of images of vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto 5 Video Game.

vr Campus Lab Simulation in VR (Job Simulator Clone)
Jonathan Lin, Zareef Safdar
Class Project, EECS 498 - Extended Reality (AR/VR)

Recreated a lab on campus inside Virtual Reality using Unreal Engine 5. See a snapshot here!

sfu Simon Fraser University
Master of Visual Computing
September 2023 to December 2024 (expected)

Notable Coursework - Machine Learning (In Progress), Visual Computing Lab (In Progress).

umich University of Michigan Ann Arbor
B.S.E. in Computer Science
August 2019 to December 2022

Notable Coursework - Data Structures and Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Introduction to Probability, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Self-Driving Cars, Game Development, Operating Systems, Advanced Operating Systems, Extended Reality (XR/AR/VR).

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